Water Wise

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Environmental Earthwise provides customized scale inhibitor programs for your specific system and its processes, allowing mineral scale and sludge prevention. Two examples of the types of contaminants that interfere with the overall process are mineral scales and sludge/organics.
Water quality can be optimized through specific factors such as: conductivity, pH level, boiler condensate, hardness, and alkalinity.
Oxidizing biocides attack microorganisms by oxidizing the cell structure, disrupting nutrients from passing across the cell wall. The are effective in controlling microbiological activity in commercial cleaning, environmental hygiene, disinfection, and industrial/process water treatment activities.
Biofouling occurs when microorganisms such as algae, fungi, and bacteria are abundant on​ ​the surfaces of cooling towers​, and the frequency of reoccurrence depends on your system’s operation (​as with ​open​ versu​s​ closed systems).