Values and Culture

Our Values Hold Water - We Live Our Values Every Day

Mission Statement

At Earthwise Environmental, our mission is simple: To provide customer-focused water treatment solutions that protect your investment and the environment.

We are experts in providing creative, proven solutions for water and energy savings - designed to protect our client's capital investment, provide a safer and more sustainable environment, and reduce the use of hazardous chemistry.

How Do We Accomplish Our Mission?

When you work with Earthwise Environmental, you work with a partner who is completely invested in your business. We approach your objectives proactively, predicting and meeting challenges every step of the way. We act as an extension of your staff, protecting the investment you’ve made in your business.

Core Values

“Can Do” Attitude

  • We approach our work with a sense of urgency
  • We do whatever it takes for the customer
  • We remain on site until all issues are resolved


  • We communicate sincerely and openly
  • We take the time to have meaningful conversations

Cutting Edge

  • We constantly seek “what’s new” in solutions for water efficiency, conservation and reuse
  • We look for ways to reduce/eliminate hazardous chemistry
  • We conduct beta testing on non-chemical methods of water treatment
  • We explore creative programs that offer natural gas and electricity rebates

Environmental Consciousness

  • We focus on saving water, reducing chemical use and protecting the environment
  • We educate to increase awareness of the costs and limited availability of water
  • We find innovative solutions for water conservation
  • We research and promote energy-saving heat transfer applications


  • Our reputation drives everything we do
  • Our reputation drives future business
  • Our reputation affects everyone at Earthwise Environmental


  • We are focused on the safety of our employees
  • We seek out solutions that reduce hazards and protect the health and well-being of our customers
  • We strive to reduce our client's environmental impact to protect those downstream
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