Legionella Management

The Business Continuity Plan for your building, whether starting from scratch or refreshing in light of the pandemic we definitely didn’t expect, needs some water safety updates to ensure that people using the space in these times and for the future are protected from infection and protect your business from the unintended costs of insurance claims and lawsuits that may arise from not addressing these simple items.

As we prepare for business under the “new normal,” the engineering room requires some extra care to ensure that biofilm and the waterborne pathogens it harbors. Here are three simple things you, your engineers and water treaters can do to make sure you’re running clean after this long period of idle time.
Cooling systems need extra care as load increases after long idle times
final installment of our 4 part series covering Legionella and its prevention.
In the third installment of the 4 part series covering Legionella basics and prevention, we will briefly review cooling tower water treatment methods designed to control Legionella. This is done by changing the conditions that are favorable for the bacterium’s growth.