Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

The quality of the water used in your cooling tower directly impacts its efficiency and cost of operation, as well as human and environmental health. Treating cooling tower water to remove chemical and biological impurities is therefore a critical concern. Earthwise Environmental provides comprehensive cooling tower water treatment solutions to safeguard equipment, protect people and environment, and ensure optimal ROI.

What Is Cooling Tower Water Treatment?

Cooling tower treatment includes a configuration of technologies designed to remove impurities from cooling tower intake water, circulation water and blowdown. Depending on the type of cooling tower you have and other factors, cooling tower water treatment companies provide solutions including:

  • Cooling tower water filtration
  • Chemical water treatment
  • Disinfectants and biocides to remove biological contaminants
  • Water softening
  • Water treatment monitoring and automation

Why Is Water Treatment for Cooling Towers Important?

Impurities in water can lead to the following undesirable conditions in your cooling tower system:

  • Deposition and scale: Minerals and other contaminants in untreated water can collect and form scale on cooling tower equipment. These deposits have an insulating effect that reduces heat transfer efficiency. They can also restrict water flow and impact process efficiency, as well as contribute to corrosion.
  • Corrosion: Improper pH, chemical reactions in the water and other factors can contribute to corrosion of cooling tower equipment. Corrosion can result in decreased efficiency, shortened equipment life and costly downtime.
  • Biological contamination: Cooling towers are ideal environments for the growth of algae, bacteria and other microscopic organisms. Left unchecked, they can clog spray nozzles and other equipment, interfere with heat transfer, contribute to corrosion and create unsanitary conditions. Of special concern is the growth of Legionella bacteria in cooling towers. The cost to resolve a case of Legionnaires’ disease can cost a company in excess of $250,000.

Proactive treatment of cooling tower water is critical to keeping these factors in check — and to maintaining proper standards for health and environmental regulation, as well as cooling tower cost efficiency. 

Superior Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

Earthwise Environmental is a cooling tower water treatment companies that is a recognized leader in providing cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and compliant cooling tower water systems and solutions. We offer the following services and advantages:

  • Unsurpassed water treatment expertise: Our in-house Certified Water Technologists ensure that you will receive the highest standard of service, expertise and ethical approach.
  • Innovative Cooling Water Treatment Technologies: Since our inception in 1990, Earthwise Environmental has stayed on the cutting edge of water treatment research and development. We excel at finding the most cost-effective, environmentally safe solutions for your industrial water treatment needs.
  • Legionella Control: We can help you design and implement a Standard 188-2015-compliant program for safe and effective Legionellosis prevention
  • Custom Cooling Tower Water Purification Solutions: We are able and willing to work with your special regulatory, performance, system or budget requirements.
  • Comprehensive Water Treatment Services for Cooling Towers: From system consulting and design, to providing the right chemicals used in cooling tower water treatment, to cooling tower monitoring and service, we provide all the services you need to realize the best results from your cooling tower treatment system.

Looking for Cooling Tower Treatment Expertise?

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