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Earthwise Environmental has led the market in providing sustainable water treatment solutions for industrial, commercial and health care industry facilities since 1995. Whether your organization’s primary goal is to save money, improve safety and water quality, ensure regulatory compliance, or conserve resources, our unparalleled expertise and innovative water treatment technology will help optimize your water system performance and achieve your goals.

Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

We offer a full range of water treatment and management services for industrial and commercial applications, including:

  • Water pretreatment and purification for potable and/or process water. From water softening to pathogen control, we can help enhance your water system’s efficiency and water quality.
  • Water testing and analysis. We use independent labs so that you can trust the results.
  • Water management services for utility and process water. Reduce power and water consumption, maintenance expenses and downtime.
  • 24/7 plant monitoring. Protect your capital assets and safeguard your employees with real-time notification that allows you to proactively respond to water system events.
  • Custom water treatment solutions. From custom-engineered water to innovative water system strategies, designs and retrofits, we have the expertise on staff to come up with solutions for even the most challenging site or situation.

Why Work With Us?

We were at the forefront of environmental responsibility in the water treatment industry before sustainability became a buzzword. Our innovative approach to water management can help you reduce chemical use; improve efficiency; stay compliant with federal, state and local regulations; and qualify for LEED and other environmental certification — all while attaining the highest-possible ROI for your site and equipment.

In addition to our reputation as water sustainability experts, we are known for quality service. With three Certified Water Technologists on staff and a track record of innovation when it comes to water treatment technology, we’ve helped clients in diverse industries — including health care, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, data centers, education, agriculture and many others — meet and exceed their water management goals.

What water management or water system challenges do you need to solve? Our water management experts are here to help. Call 855-868-8809 or contact us here to learn more today.