Innovative Water Filtration Techniques

Looking Beyond the Water’s Edge

Paving The Way For Water Treatment Innovation

Earthwise Environmental is a change leader in the water management industry. We quickly identify, adopt and offer innovative water purification techniques to our customers. Because we do not invest in “bricks and mortar” — manufacturing plants, distribution centers, research and development laboratories or patented new products — we are able to focus on evaluating and implementing new water filtration techniques that add value to your business while meeting your water challenges.

Earthwise brings innovation to the market — and we do it more quickly than our competitors can. Our unique approaches help you manage your water systems in an environmentally responsible way while also achieving important business objectives: protection of your employees, capital assets and profitability. You can depend on us to be at the forefront of water purification technology and support your business.

Unique Technologies

Earthwise Environmental is at the forefront of new product development. Our involvement with industry associations gives us access to manufacturers’ technology, personnel and laboratory services, which helps us find new alternatives to existing water filtration technology and chemistries. This has enabled us to provide many new and exciting types of water filtration methods to our customers. These help improve their operations and protect their infrastructure as well as the people who use it.

Here are some of the cutting-edge water filtration methods that we promote:

Drumless Delivery

We were the first local company to introduce drumless technology, a non-traditional system that eliminates chemical drums and hazardous chemical storage. Our Solid Delivery System completely eliminates potentially harmful chemical handling with a non-chemical, eco-friendly solution.

Drum Recycling

Our liquid products are packaged in 100% recyclable containers that help keep the environment clean by reducing solid waste.

Engineered Water

We can custom-tailor water properties for specific applications. EPF™ 4100 Engineered Water was developed for cooling extrusion barrel zones. By providing consistent and reliable zone cooling, this product minimizes downtime and protects capital equipment.

MIOX On-Site Generation of Mixed Oxidants

MIOX Corporation is the industry leader in on-site chemical generators for water disinfection, a system that allows you to produce disinfectant in the amount you need, when you need it. MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a high-performing, yet environmentally benign, disinfectant that improves safety, lowers corrosion rates, increases performance and saves money.

Cu/Ag Nanoparticle for Microbiological Growth

Copper/silver ionization is a green chemistry disinfection method based on the antimicrobial properties of silver and copper nanoparticles. Used to combat microbial contamination of water, it is especially effective in eradicating Legionella from hot water recirculating systems.

What’s the Next New Thing?