Information About Our Consulting Services

Environmental Earthwise provides customized scale inhibitor programs for your specific system and its processes, allowing mineral scale and sludge prevention. Two examples of the types of contaminants that interfere with the overall process are mineral scales and sludge/organics.
Biofouling occurs when microorganisms such as algae, fungi, and bacteria grow on the surfaces of cooling towers​.

Environmental Earthwise can recommend and provide a preventative maintenance plan for your cooling tower regardless age, model, or manufacturer. Cooling tower preventative maintenance programs incorporate continuous monitoring to maintain normal operating conditions and early identification of problematic areas. 

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Your company has set sustainability goals to increase the bottom line and feel good about doing it. To start saving water, you first need to know where you’re using it. Auditing your water usage is a great first step, as you’ll see all the places that water is used and make some changes that impact your bottom line along the way. For help with auditing your water use or evaluating mechanical system upgrades, contact Earthwise Environmental today.