Educational Institutions

The reputation of your school or university depends on more than just academic excellence. All aspects of your property management affect it, too — including your educational institution’s water treatment systems.

Earthwise Environmental offers customized campus-wide university water treatment solutions that will help ensure the best possible experience for students, visitors and staff. Our water treatment systems also will help keep costs in check and maintain the high sustainability standards today’s academic community wants and expects.

Custom Water Treatment for Universities, Colleges and Schools

Water Filtration and Purification — Whether you need purified water for laboratory use or simply want to provide safe, clean, efficient heating and cooling across campus, we can help you do it reliably and cost-effectively. Properly treated water can also help keep food service and laundry equipment functioning reliably. Depending on your needs and your water sources, we offer a variety of water purifying solutions including pretreatment systems such as reverse osmosis, water softening, deionization, and custom filtration and purification systems. We also are experts in Legionella control for institutions.

HVAC Water Solutions — The quality of your water directly affects the cost of operation of your heating and cooling systems. Lower your operating costs and extend the life of your boilers and other HVAC equipment with our process water solutions

Sustainable Water Solutions — Sustainability is a priority for many schools and universities, not only to reduce costs, but also for ethical and educational reasons. As our name implies, we have been leaders in sustainable water management since our inception in 1995. We can help you reduce the use of water, energy, solid waste and chemicals in your university water systems, as well as create solutions that protect surface and ground water.

Water Technology Innovation — Many universities seek to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to encourage forward thinking and expand intellectual horizons. Earthwise Environmental has a long and continued history of innovation and involvement with new product development. We can help your institution take advantage of the financial and other benefits new technology offers.

24/7 Monitoring — Keep your university water treatment systems running smoothly at all times. Our plant monitoring services help you minimize downtime. It also ensures that any emergencies are dealt with quickly and efficiently to protect the safety and comfort of students and staff.

Call Us for All Your University Water Treatment Needs

Whether you need a comprehensive water treatment solution for your university or college campus, or a single water purification application for a specific building, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Contact us here or call us directly at 855-868-8809 to learn more.