Scale Inhibitor Programs

As time passes, cooling tower systems are exposed to numerous elements, subjecting the system to contaminants which lead to process interference. Contamination can result in heat transfer issues, irregular corrosion rates, and water flow restrictions, all which create loss of cooling tower system efficiency and production. Environmental Earthwise provides customized scale inhibitor programs for your specific system and its processes, allowing mineral scale and sludge prevention. Two examples of the types of contaminants that interfere with the overall process are mineral scales and sludge/organics.

- Mineral Scales: calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium phosphate, magnesium silicate, silica compounds

- Sludge/Organics: silt, biological deposits, metallic oxides, corrosive products, oil, organics, and contaminants from process

Mineral scales and sludge/organics can occupy your system differently and require specific prevention methods. Mineral scale builds up as dissolved solids and minerals from raw water source or airborne contamination precipitate due to solubility. The solubility will exceed with increased concentrations, rising water temperature and changing pH levels. In comparison, sludge/organics develop within the system as the result of suspended material. The suspended material, such as by-products of corrosion, dust, sand, and microbial growth, is introduced into the system from water or airborne contaminants.

Environmental Earthwise can evaluate your system’s potential for contamination and recommend prevention methods.