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Healthcare - Optimized Cooling Tower Performance


The metropolitan hospital was searching for ways to reduce their water footprint while minimizing the risk of legionella growth.


Earthwise's Certified Water Technologists (CWT) surveyed the facility to uncover ways to improve the efficiency of critical equipment, extend asset life, reduce chemical consumption, and provide remote system performance monitoring.


An Ion-Exchange System and 24-hour monitoring software were installed. The Ion-Exchange System's pretreatment of cooling water allowed the cycles of concentration to increase to 7, resulting in significant savings in utility spend and treatment product consumption. The monitoring software allowed for data driven control. The real-time data gathered within the 24-hour monitoring software improved onsite personnel's reaction to system changes that previously went untreated and decreased system performance.

New, State-of-the-Art Hospital Saved Money, Water and Energy


As part of a cost-saving initiative, the hospital sought to reduce water and energy consumption, which would require a significant capital investment.


Earthwise Environmental investigated the Nicor Gas™ energySMART rebate program. The natural gas rebate program — $1.00 incentive for each therm saved —would reduce the project payback period, allowing the hospital to undertake long-term conservation efforts. Without the incentive, the hospital would have been unable to undertake the capital improvements required.


Earthwise Environmental installed a reverse osmosis system on the boiler feedwater. By removing supply impurities, the water could be cycled (concentrated) by a factor of 10. This cycling reduced boiler blowdown, water consumption and energy consumption.

Top Teaching Hospital in Chicago Increased Humidity and Saved Water and Energy


The existing steam humidification system was incapable of supplying the required amount of humidity to the hospital in general and to the operating rooms in particular.


The system, as designed, was based on generating steam in one boiler, and using that steam in a Clean System Generator to produce steam to humidify. The system was energy intensive, inefficient and incapable of providing required levels of humidification. A steam plant/humidification retrofit was required.


Earthwise Environmental proposed eliminating the Clean Steam Generators and designed a water chemistry program that exceeded the quality and purity requirements of the hospital. A new steam boiler with reverse osmosis treatment of feedwater was installed. Energy waste from inefficient steam generators was eliminated and sufficient steam could now be generated to meet humidification needs.