Water Meters Save Money

Measuring and tracking facility water usage is a key factor in ensuring efficiency in a system. Proper monitoring and education are critical in water management inside a facility. One of the most helpful devices in determining efficiency in a system is a water meter.

Water meters can:

  • Help you identify areas for targeted reductions in usage
  • Keep track of progress for new water-efficiency upgrades
  • Help identify cost-effective water use reduction opportunities, which contributes to management and decision making for future project

Sub-meters are great identifiers of malfunctioning equipment, clogs and leaks in a system. They’re installed on individual systems at inlets and outlets. Integrating the information from these devices into a facility’s management system makes it easy to track water usage and implement a systemized water management plan. Management systems allow for data storage on water usage, reporting usage hourly, daily, monthly and annually. The system also alerts your water treatment company when there is a decrease in flow caused by a leak or some other irregularity in operation.

It is important to note that there are many different types of meters that are intended for certain uses. Choosing the wrong size and/or type of meter can cause problems for a facility. An undersized meter can cause pressure loss, reduction in flow, and noise. An oversized meter may fail to recognize minimal flow and will not be economical. It is important for a facility manager to recognize what to meter and where in a water system. These decisions will determine how successful a meter collects water usage data and expresses efficiency in a system.

The best way to choose the right water meter for the job is to talk to your water treater. They can properly size and recommend installation points to achieve the most accurate results. Your water treater can also help you identify the systems that will maximize your water savings and bottom-line impact.

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