Cooling Tower Maintenance

cooling tower

As cooling tower season approaches, simple preventative cooling tower maintenance can help reduce energy expenditures and identify areas of concern within the water treatment process.

Cooling tower performance runs parallel with factors directly influencing the heat transfer process, such as:

  • Chemical buildup
  • Air flow
  • Spray nozzles
  • Pump equipment


Why Cooling Tower Maintenance is Important

Chemical buildup is the result of scale deposits from dissolved minerals forming when water evaporates within cooling towers. Over time, the deposits prevent proper heat transfer from water to air. Additionally, the rate and type of buildup may indicate inadequate water treatment.

Spray nozzles can clog from algae and other sediment found at the bottom of water basins, leading to uneven water distribution and reduced heat transfer surface area.

Proper maintenance of fan motors, fan alignment, gearboxes, fan blades, vibration reduction, and debris removal from inlets and outlets ensure airflow and heat transfer from water to air and the longevity of fan equipment.

Cooling tower performance can be directly influenced by pump performance. Water pump rates must be maintained properly for optimal heat transfer. Fluctuations within water flow may result from faulty wiring, cavitations, clogged strainers, or sub-optimal design conditions.

A comprehensive cooling tower maintenance program will ensure proper maintenance and optimize performance while reducing energy and equipment replacement costs. A little spend on regular maintenance will save a lot in water and energy costs, and improve the overall life of the system.


Call for a Cooling Tower Evaluation

Call or email Earthwise for a cooling tower performance evaluation before you start up this season. Our customized water treatment plans will get your systems clean and running at optimal efficiency.