Bringing Attention to Improving Water Efficiency

User education within a facility is essential when trying to conserve water. By knowing your system well, you will be able to figure out why the system is using more or less water than usual, or when an issue arises. Systems will be most effective when employees, contractors, and visitors all understand their role in operating and maintenance procedures. Being open to learn about new water efficient technologies or methods that come about is not only cost effective, it is also water efficient – even small changes within a system can result in significant water savings.

Here are some tips in educating employees on your water-efficiency initiative:

• Communicate through staff meetings, posters, emails, and newsletters on specific water-efficiency goals.
• Make graphs with monthly water usage figures to stay informed on the facilities progress.
• Repair and report leaks. Make an easy to use communication system when reporting system issues.
• Training on any new or revised procedures involving water efficiency.
• Create a “Green Team” that is responsible for researching environmental issues in and around the facility.
• Bring attention to water efficiency by celebrating World Water Day, Earth Day, and Fix a Leak Week.
• Share success stories with other facilities on new technology water conservation programs.

If you want help figuring out how you can use more efficient water treatment solutions, then you need to contact a water treatment consultant that knows your industry. Contact the experts here at Earthwise Environmental so we can help you see where your water is going. Once we know where all of your water is going, it becomes much easier to devise a plan that will help you conserve water, boosting your bottom line! Call us today, at 855-868-8809, and let us bring you a water conservation solution!